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My work for Repeat Offender is really two ways of talking about the same thing. A human response, circling the square, and a mechanical one, turbulent relationship, which embodies the impossibility of duplication despite certain constants. Both deal with turbulence. Both deal with something new erupting out of that turbulence. This is actually creativity in its purist form. By drawing line after line, attempting to copy the previous mark a new contour emerges out of a variety of circumstances…my distraction, my fatigue, the texture of the wall, the thickness of the pencil, the weather. Each iteration becomes more exaggerated than the original. The machine is the same. It’s made of units and materials that remain constant but once set in motion each action produces a reaction which is dependant on what comes before it. The sequence of movements is never the same.

You always think you’re doing the same things over and over in your life…repeating themes, creatively, emotionally, in your daily routine. You never really give yourself credit for doing things in a new way because you don’t see the evolution somehow. What I find is that it’s much, much harder to do something exactly the same than it is to do something new.

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