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Constant circular rotation around a point mentally incomprehensible

These bowls are freestanding sculptures constructed of salt and a single piece of string. They are quite fragile and over time they disintegrate down to a spiral pattern. I figure it’s a way of drawing sculpturally. The title is the definition of an arabic word, Al Hayrah. When I heard it I thought “that’s what my life is…a constant circular rotation around a point mentally incomprehensible…” In a previous installation I constructed about 30 bowls of different sizes and placed them on the black floor in the walkway of the gallery. They looked like a group of little people. The show was crowded and in the end most were stepped on and crushed–the end of the night looked like some terrible car crash at the Indy 500. When I returned in the morning to document the carnage, the cleaners had swept them all away!